PACK: Student Leadership

Timpanogos High School

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Inspire the ONE, become ONE TIMPANOGOS!


PACK 2018-2019

President: Brita Ahmu

Vice President: Kase Haas

Vice President: Taylor Karns

Secretary: Carly Shepherd

Hailey Allphin

Myree Alsop

Ethan Avery

Alescia Bash

Tandon Belliston

Isaac Berlin

Alex Bickel

Luke Chatwin

Ellie Doxey

Karina Garner

Brady Glenn

Coleman Glenn

Emmy Hammond

Tanner Hill

Abigayle Holdaway

Carter Hunsaker

Isaac Johnson

Hunter Karns

Kayla Lake

Chase Magleby

Brenda Mendoza

Lydia Mooney

Jackson Newell

Zoe Pedersen

Maddie Pickard

Joy Rivest

Lucy Scribner

Tom Scribner

Emily Shelton

Jill Skousen

Ellie Snow

Cortlyn Sondrup

Jordan Strong

Kessly Strong

Katy Vance

We would like to thank all who applied for PACK this year. We had over 70 applicants and it was extremely difficult to select students for this upcoming year. We hope each of you will find ways 

to be involved at Timpanogos. 

PACK Applications

The PACK application for 2018-2019 is now uploaded. Click on the files tab, then click on the application folder and the information will be provided. The applications are due March 23, in the Timpanogos Main Office. For inquires please email

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    College Week: U of U will be in lab 608 today during lunch! Apply for U of U.

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    Art Gala is going on now! Come enjoy art and ice cream!

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    Kindness Week: Tomorrow (Tues) is Kindness to neighbors! Say HI to 3 new people in school tomorrow!

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    Seniors! Need help filling out your FAFSA forms? Come on Weds night at 6:30 and get help from counselors! 608 Lab

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