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Pride. Action. Culture. Kinship.

Timpanogos High School Leadership

Inspire the ONE, become ONE TIMPANOGOS!


PACK 2019 - 2020

President: Carter Hunsaker

Vice President: Myree Alsop

Vice President: Ethan Avery

Secretary: Sage Snow

Tech Rep: Kellen Saunders

Historian:  Emmy Hammond

Service & Recognition:  Brielle Coles

Artist:  Lydia Mooney & Larissa Maldonado

Tandon Belliston

Eric Jensen

McKay Christensen

Ethan Chudleigh

Brandon Flickanger

Isaac Berlin

Tanner Baldwinn

Hunter Karns

Kessly Strong

Ashley Min

Morgan Hansen

Alexa Jackman

Taya Riser

Chantel Harris

Mariela Perez

Hope Golly

Sarah Evans

Tessa Newell

Rashel Lopez

Sophi Swainston

Brooklyn Garner

Avalon Peterson

Kaylee McKiff

Margo Liechty

Acacia Fortin

McKinley Gardner

We would like to thank all who applied for PACK this year. We had over 70 applicants and it was extremely difficult to select students for this upcoming year. We hope each of you will find ways 

to be involved at Timpanogos. 

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The Spirit of Timpanogos

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