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Pride. Action. Culture. Kinship.

Timpanogos High School Leadership

The Strength of the WOLF is the PACK

The Strength of the PACK is the WOLF!

Our Values

  • We will not talk negatively. Respect
  • We will be sincere and humble in all our doings. Sincerity
  • We will be open-minded. Humility
  • We will acknowledge and respect others and their accomplishments. Compassion
  • We will recognize our mistakes and be responsible for our actions. Integrity
  • We will keep our commitments to ourselves and each other. Loyalty
  • We will take the initiative and not wait to be asked. Responsibility
  • We will be where we are supposed to be, when we’re supposed to be there, doing what we’re supposed to be doing! Reliability
  • We will make every day a great day to be a T-wolf! Honor


The Spirit of the Timpanogos High School Student Association shall be vested in our P.A.C.K. Organization: